Anand Vihar Bus Terminal
Gazipur area
Fishmarket Gazipur
Arakashan Road
Preparation of a bonfire (Holi festival)
Base of a step well (Baoli)
Agasen Ki Baoli (stepwell)
Oblations for Monkeys
Holi Colours
During the Holi Festival
Cali (alley) in Paharganji
Cali in Paharganji
Picking charcoaled cow dung
Early morning view
Old Delhi
Painter without a brush (Mumbai)
Mumbai: Arced Entrance

3 days in Delhi, India

Eye-candy, selected during a brief stay in the capital of India - on my way to Bhopal.

Additionally: some photos from Mumbai  

Camera: Sony RX-1


Special thanks to Bennett, again !!