Arm Prosthesis of a Blacksmith (Aluminum & Steel), approx. 1948 more...

Body Archeology

Blacksmith's Knife, approx. 1948
Glass Eyes for Human Use (newly fabricated)
Breast Implant (Silicone)
Testicle Prosthesis (Silicone)
Femur Head Replacement Part (Ceramic & Titanium)
Pacemaker (Titanium)
Pacemaker (Battery exploded during cremation)
Pacemaker with Battery exploded
Femur Head prosthesis (Hip joint)
Femur Head & Bone Replacement Part ( Cr-Steel)
Acetabular Cup (Hip joint - pelvis side)
Acetabular Cups (Titanium)
Knee joint - Femur side (Chromium-Cobalt-Steel)
Pacemakers with electrode wires
Ports ( for intravenous access)
Bone Plate (Titanium)
Shoulder joint removed by surgery
Shoulder Joint Prosthesis (Ti)
Vertebra (Spine) Spacer (Ti)
Spine Fixation Rods
Teeth Bridge (Cr-Steel)

Body Archeology

Technical spare-parts for the human body. Some of them retrieved from clinics and crematory scarp.

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Körper Archäologie

Technische Ersatzteile für den menschlichen Körper, - zusammengetragen aus Kliniken und Krematorien-Schrott.

Kamera: Canon EOS 5D MkII